New in the Nursery: Oncidium 'Mauna Kea'


Though they're some of our favorite indoor blooms year-round, we especially love the vivid, tropical hues of orchids during the winter months, when our outdoor gardens can feel gloomy. Three fresh orchid varieties just popped up in our online nursery, ready for delivery as holiday gifts or as a way to brighten your own home. There are over 20,000(!) known orchid species to choose from, but we're especially enamored with this brand-new hybrid from Hawaii, Oncidium 'Mauna Kea.'

Our plant experts chose 'Mauna Kea' for its holiday-ready hues and relatively simple care regime, which makes it a great choice for gardeners who want to begin honing their skills with more challenging plants. This variety prefers indirect or filtered light and warmer temperatures. The right watering technique is especially important for humidity-loving orchids; allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings and give the foliage a gentle misting each morning. Our experts also recommend a monthly dose of mild fertilizer. Additionally, keep your orchid healthy by creating a humidity tray below its pot. Simply fill a saucer with stones and water to make sure the air near your specimen isn't too dry.

Throughout the season, our plant team highlights their freshest additions to the garden with New in the Nursery. Find our new orchids here.

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