New in the Nursery: Herbaceous Hibiscus Plants


What looks tropical, has woody-like stems by mid-summer, has many tropical cousins, but dies back to the ground every year only to return in full tropical glory the next? If you said herbaceous hibiscus you are absolutely right! We talked with Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team to get the dirt on these bright beauties that are in our nurseries right now.

Hibiscus moscheutos: Hardy to zone 4, grows several feet high every season, develops tough woody stems, appears shrub-like, and sports show stopping dinner-plate sized flowers in bright colors from late summer into early fall. Called “Swamp Mallow” for its tolerance of wet feet, h. moscheutos requires nutrient-rich soil and even moisture for the most robust growth. Be warned: when Japanese beetles are bad, this hibiscus’s leaf is one of their favorite treats. Add hardy herbaceous hibiscus wherever your full sun garden needs high-summer flare.

Ready to add a tropical touch to your patio with a new hibiscus plant? Find your local terrain nursery here and visit us soon!

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