New in the Nursery: Fuchsia


Brightening the garden with its vibrant, lantern-shaped flowers, fuchsia-- a group of 110 plant species-- is a late-summer favorite in the terrain nursery. These shade-loving shrubs became popular across the world when they were brought back to Europe from Central and South America by 18th-century explorers. Ideal for hanging baskets (particularly the weeping varieties), these perennials are especially susceptible to frost damage and should be moved inside as temperatures drop, making them best suited for containers in colder climates. Sometimes known by the common name "Ladies' Eardrops," fuchsia plants thrive in rich soil with ample moisture, and offer a remarkably long blooming season-- from spring to late fall. Even better, their plentiful blossoms are known for attracting hummingbirds with colorful petals in shades of pink, magenta, and purple.

Throughout the season, our plant team highlights their freshest additions to the garden with New in the Nursery. Check in at your local store to take home these newly-arrived blooms.

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