New in the Nursery: Celosia + Conifers


While the calendar still has us firmly in late summer, the mood has shifted noticeably toward fall. Cooler mornings, earlier evenings, and that back-to-school feeling has us harnessing autumnal colors and shapes for our recent container plantings. We chatted with Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team to learn what we’ve we're currently stocking in our nurseries that will seamlessly transition us through the seasons.

Celosia spicata ‘Intenz’ + Celosia plumosa 'First Flame': Celosia, a member of the amaranth family, is edible, bold, sometimes bizarre, and a must-have for the fall garden. They come in three shapes: brain, plume, or wheat (spicata) and arrive in every color except blue and true white. They can be short and stocky or very tall and airy; their flowers extend to frost and will keep feeding important pollinators at a time when sources of food have faded. Celosia is a fall no-brainer (every pun intended).

Chamaecyparis obtusa filicoides compacta + assorted miniature conifers: It’s so easy to plant a single container for late fall and augment it slightly once winter rolls around. And conifers are ideal for this—they make great foundational plants for a fall container that may also include grasses, mums, peppers, cabbage, pumpkins, and dried florals. They can then transition to holiday with the subtraction of spent flowers and infills of holiday stems, garlands, lights, or other winter-interest plants. In shades of green, gold, bronze, and blue, upright, cascading, or topiaried, conifers are structural, everlasting and worth the investment for super prolonged interest. Start will a conifer and build a container to last.

Ready to start transitioning your garden from summer to fall? Find your local terrain nursery here and visit us soon!

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