New in the Nursery: A Spring Container Planting Recipe


As we start to move outside for the season, we’re focusing our attention on container gardens that are easy to care for and will transition seamlessly through the warmer months ahead. Our nurseries are stocked with a vibrant mix of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and durable containers that make it easy to plant up a dynamic, hardy garden. Kerry Ann McLean from our green goods team is here to share her current favorite container companions—read on for her expert recommendations!

Spring Container Recipe
Pansy ‘Sangria’: The classic ground layer and “the emotional component of this design: pansies are the embodiment of spring joy and excitement,” Kerry Ann says.
Pieris ‘Dorothy Wycoff’: “If conifers aren’t your thing (Wiltoni Standard), Pieris is also evergreen but blessed with urn-shaped spring flowers for a softer, more feminine feel.”
Hellebore ‘Pink Frost’: Add these beauties for "flair and sophistication."
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltoni’: "This conifer adds structure and has a long season of interest."

“Containers don’t have to be fussy or full of only annuals,” Kerry Ann says. “This combination is simple—it utilizes a woody shrub, a perennial, and one type of annual. All the spatial zones of design are covered: an upright in the form of a shrub, a mid-layer filler with the hellebore and spritely ground cover (that can also cascade!) with the pansies. It is not overdone, it’s long-lasting, and the annual can be replaced with a high color summer annual in a month or two. Incorporate a unique piece of driftwood or “vine with character” for that bit of terrain character and let spring come in with style.”

Ready to create your own container recipe for the patio? Follow the link to find the terrain nursery nearest you!

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