New in the Greenhouse: Thinking Pink


Our newest houseplants are shot through with streaks of magenta, blush, and coral—perfect for adding a fresh hue to your home office, bedroom, or windowsill. These pink-hued plants are easy to take care of and look particularly cool when put inside their own colorful container. Read on to learn a bit about each plant before choosing your favorite.

1 + 3. Rex Begonia Plant:
Delivering a high impact with beautifully exotic foliage, Rex Begonia is surprisingly easy to grow and upkeep. Stunningly colorful in variegated shades of green and burgundy, this compact houseplant makes a striking contrast to most others in the indoor garden. Be sure to give it porous soil and mist its leaves frequently—this one loves humidity and can take direct sun.

2. Dottie Calathea Plant: Widely loved for their bold, brightly patterned foliage, calathea are found most often on the forest floor in tropical locales. This means they're able to tolerate partially shady areas in your home and are pretty forgiving. Most calathea plants' leaves will fold up during the dark hours, which reveals the colorful undersides, making them a gorgeous addition to your indoor garden no matter the hour. The Dottie features dark leaves with pink streaks throughout. If your calathea leaves begin to brown, that typically means it's being underwatered or needs a more humid environment.

3. See Number 1

4. Prayer Plant: Named for its leaves that tend to fold in on themselves every evening, the prayer plant is a low maintenance indoor beauty. It’s a slow, horizontal grower that does well in hanging baskets but can also be happy in a smaller pot in a plant stand. They’re well loved for their decorative, variegated leaves and thrive in a greenhouse-like environment.

5. Syngonium podophyllum Merry Plant: Deep pink-red new leaves with prominent pink veining characterize this easy-care native of Latin America. While pink veins persist, foliage will turn a deep green as the plant grows.

6. Tricolor Stromanthe Plant: With green, white, and pink patterned foliage, this stromathe is native to tropical Americas. It's a close cousin to the calathea family and shares the tendency for its foliage to curl in on itself during the evening. This movement allows you to enjoy the brightly colored leaves from all angles at all times of the day. Be sure to turn your plant as it ages for full, even growth.

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