New in the Greenhouse: Potted Hellebore


Hellebore has long been a terrain team greenhouse favorite. From our creative director to our plant buyers, the winter blooms help us beat the cold weather blues with their gorgeous coloring and delicate petals. Hellebores get their common name, Lenten rose, from the rose-like flowers that appear in early spring around the observance of Lent. Their flowers bloom from February to May, and to celebrate the beginning of Hellebore season, we’ve brought in four potted “Frost Kiss” varieties for you to enjoy through the spring.

Frost Kiss hellebores are hybrids that are hardy and easy to care for—with long-lasting flowers in a gorgeous array of colors that range from dusty pink to vibrant purple. These varieties can feature both nodding and upright blooms, making for a dimensional, dynamic planting that looks beautiful from every angle. This particular variety of hellebore is particularly bold and puts on one of our favorite blossoming shows to usher in springtime. 

Ready to add a hellebore plant (or two!) to your indoor garden for winter? See our full collection here.

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