A Mother & Daughter Day at Terrain


A little over a year ago, a photo popped up on our Instagram feed that caught our attention. The picture captured two women having lunch in our café, their identical smiles making their mother-and-daughter tie immediately obvious. After that, we started seeing the pair in our feed on a regular basis. Sometimes they were exploring the store, other times visiting the café, or shopping our Christmas tree lot, and always having fun in each other’s company. We started to get curious. Who was this duo celebrating so many afternoons at terrain

So, this year we introduced ourselves, and were thrilled when Marin and her mom, Deb, accepted our invitation to celebrate Mother’s Day a bit early at the store. On the morning of their visit, a perfectly blue-skied and surprisingly warm day in March, we spent some time wandering the store and getting to know these two warm, creative, and inspiring women. 

terrain: Marin, how would you describe your mom? Deb, how would you describe Marin?

Marin: My mom is the strongest, most beautiful, and most caring woman I know. I've had a wonderful role model in her my whole life, and I'd be lucky to one day become half the person she is.

Deb: Marin has always been extraordinarily resourceful, with an incredible eye for style and beauty. As she’s matured, her talent for engaging and moving others with words and pictures has just astounded me!

terrain: When did you start going to terrain together? How did it become a mother-daughter tradition?

Deb: Marin introduced me to terrain when she treated me to a birthday brunch there three years ago. Since then, it's become our favorite spot for a ladies' day out. Spending the day together with Marin at terrain is one of my favorite things to do with her. We always have a blast, and it's a place in which we hope to make many more happy memories together. Last year, my other daughter announced her pregnancy there, over the holidays this year we came here with our good friends for a mother-daughter day, and we've brought countless other friends in between. It's our go-to, and we can't stay away!

terrain: You recently spent a day together at Styer's. Can you share some favorite moments from your visit?

Marin: It was kind of magical! terrain is always a beautiful experience, but it was amazing to see the atmosphere come alive with spring in the air. We had a lot of fun just walking around and taking in the beauty of it all, seeing the new buds and blooms, and of course, eating at the amazing café. The popover bread in the terracotta pot is our favorite, and the local granola and yogurt was (almost) too pretty to eat.

terrain: Can you tell us a bit about the favorite items you picked, and why you chose them?

Marin: I picked the items I did with my mom in mind. She's always been a gardener, and has one of the greenest thumbs I've ever seen. She's in need of a new gardening hat, and those Hunter clogs are perfect for early mornings in the garden when the ground is still a little soft and wet. She also loves to entertain, so I thought the marble and wood board, along with a beautiful pressed flower serving plate, would be perfect for her (although I might try to steal them for myself).

Deb: The lavender and grapefruit lotions are just so lovely, and the soaps are a must-have; I pick up a few each time I go to terrain. I also loved the string lights; anything can look magical with them inside! And the mirrors are so cool and unique, perfect to add a little light and depth to a space.

terrain: When you're not joining us in the nursery, what are some other things you enjoy doing together?

Deb: We love trying new restaurants, traveling together, vintage and antique shopping, exercising together, and catching up with girlfriends over wine and cheese.

terrain: Do you have any special Mother’s Day traditions? How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Marin: terrain has actually been a Mother's Day tradition of ours for the past few years! It really is the perfect little mother-daughter getaway, and a great place to celebrate people you love.

Deb: Spending quality time together is important whenever Marin comes home from Boston. This year, we'll celebrate her graduation from college and my 60th birthday within a week of Mother’s Day. Lots of wonderful life transitions to toast, and we'll be back at terrain to do just that!

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