How-To: Mica Easter Eggs


Coated in colorful mica flakes, the sparkling eggs above are sure to be the brightest addition to this year's Easter baskets. Naturally occuring in a rainbow of hues, mica is a silicate mineral that forms thin, shimmering sheets-- we like to think of it as "nature's glitter." Our longtime favorite for terrarium toppers, festive décor and more, we found a new use for mica this spring as an alternative to egg dye. We used ceramic eggs so that these spring sparklers could be enjoyed year after year, but hard-boiled or hollow natural eggs would work as well. The best part of these beautiful eggs? They take just minutes to make!

What You'll Need
Ceramic or natural eggs
Elmer's glue

Start by pouring out the mica flakes and cutting or breaking any flakes that are especially large into smaller pieces. Mix glue with a small amount of water to dilute, then brush a thin layer of glue onto each egg. Sprinkle mica flakes evenly onto the egg, pressing gently as needed. Let dry and brighten your Easter basket. 

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