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To mark the launch of our home-grown design service, Design by Terrain, we proudly introduce you to the man behind the magic, Matt M. Matt’s creative and artistic vision combine with deeply rooted passions for gardening and design to provide clients with unparalleled living décor, from customized containers to planted gifts that can be enjoyed far longer than a bouquet. We chatted with Matt about his design background and what he has in store for the holiday season, and we have to say, we couldn’t be more excited and inspired! 

terrain: When did you first start experimenting with botanical design?  

Matt: As a child, I would spend my Saturdays helping an elderly neighbor with his yard work. I thought his gardens were the most magical place in the world. I vividly remember the first time that I saw giant alliums blooming in his border garden. I had helped him plant the bulbs the previous autumn and it was my first time seeing such a magnificent flower that I had helped bring to life. I was the proudest and most curious 9-year-old in that moment. That's where it began.  

terrain: What sparked your interest in design?  

Matt: My mom was always my style idol. I was amazed at how effortlessly she could pull a home together. Our days were spent poring over her decorating magazines, finding the wildest antique stores possible, or carving out a new flower bed in the backyard. A defining moment for me was when I received the first issue of my Metropolitan Home subscription at age 12. It opened up my mind to a whole new level of design and soon I was practically begging all of my parent's friends to let me re-decorate a room in their house or refresh their landscaping in order to experiment with all of my new ideas. I was quite unlike any other teenager around.

terrain: So, when did you start with terrain? What was it that brought you here?  

Matt: One of my landscape architecture classmates connected me with terrain’s creative director a few months before the first store was slated to open in 2008. I was immediately taken with his vision and was honored to be a part of the first visual and design team. It was very much a dream come true seeing this brand concept that blended a lot of my passions into one cohesive experience.   

terrain: Any highlights from the store’s early days?

Matt: There was so much incredible talent involved in bringing terrain to life. The gathering of creative minds from around the country to support this awesome endeavor was so inspiring. The energy and excitement were palpable. It was like running a weeks-long marathon and at the end there was this gorgeous store that literally took everyone's breath away.

terrain: Can you tell us a bit about your design process and what clients can expect when they work with Design by Terrain?  

Matt: Rethinking how we use plants, colors, and objects is the foundation for Design by Terrain. There are no rules in regard to the definition of indoors or outdoors and that makes the possibilities endless. Giving the botanical world a fashion treatment creates a refreshing relationship with our environments. I like to consider all aspects about how a client lives so that our pieces are fluid additions to their lifestyle. I take into account the architecture of their home, their furnishings, the way they hang their art, and even the way they dress to create moments that connect with, and encapsulate, their personality.  

terrain: Tell us what has you most excited this holiday season at terrain?   

Matt: I'm really thrilled about the textile collections we have this season; gorgeous linens and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. A tablecloth or a throw is the simplest way to make a space feel cozy and complete. I'm going to be mixing textures and patterns for looks that are layered and incredibly nostalgic. To bring the outdoors inside, I'm going to be creating lots of foraged garlands, with materials that seem plucked off of the forest floor. 

terrain: How do you plan to decorate your own home for the holidays?  

Matt: I've gone the whimsical route for the last few years, and this season I'm feeling very moody: lots of black, lots of bronze and aged brass, and lots of silvery-gray, with natural materials like Spanish moss, acacia, and olive. To pull in a jewel tone, I have my eyes on the plum-hued washed linen tablecloth, which will keep it just festive enough.  

Visit our stores to see what Design by Terrain is cooking up in-house, or contact to schedule a consultation and start planning a personalized design project.

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