Sweet Paul Makerie at Terrain


On April 11 and 12, terrain partnered with Sweet Paul and The Makerie to welcome guests from 24 states and 5 countries for a weekend creative retreat. At our Styer's nursery and the URBN Home Office campus in Philadelphia, artists and makers gathered for two days of inspiring workshops, conversations, and meals. Sweet Paul's Paul Lowe says, "Hosting the weekend at terrain and URBN was a true treat. We have a long-standing friendship with terrain, so when we were looking for a partner for this year's Makerie, it was on top of our list! The highlight for me was meeting all the amazing people who spent the weekend with us."

Participants also loved the mix of locations, spending a day in terrain's historic nursery then heading to the more modern, industrial spaces at URBN. Paul describes The Makerie as, "all about being creative, eating and drinking well, meeting new friends, and having a few days where all you need to think about it having a good time. People form real friendships and the participants really feel how much effort we put into this being a truly special experience."

terrain Events Manager Diane S. adds, "I loved the workshops hosted by Deborah and Megan, members of the terrain team; they led guests in making terrariums and wild-foraged wreaths. Saturday's dinner, featuring recipes inspired by Sweet Paul, was also wonderful. And on Sunday, terrain's Creative Director, Greg L., spoke to the group about the inspiration behind our brand and where we're headed in the future."

Throughout the weekend, Makerie participants also learned to design their own stamps, embroider, create watercolor correspondence, and craft the perfect tablescape. Paul says, "All the workshops were amazing, but I personally loved the weaving class. I bought a loom and will start weaving as soon as I can get myself to a yarn store!" We can't wait to see what all the weekend's teachers, speakers, and attendees create next!

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