Low Water Plants for Winter at Home


Images: 1. Succulents; 2l. Chinese Evergreen; 2r. Orchid; 3l. Pothos; 3r. Tillandsia

Though there's snowy weather outside our windows, we're keeping busy with indoor gardens all around the house. Seeking specimens with big impact and minimal maintenance, we caught up with plant buyer Karen C. Earlier this month, Karen shared some favorite plants that thrive in low light. This time around, she's choosing some great options for a colorful, indoor garden that requires minimal watering. Read on for her top five.

Succulents: A classic choice for easy indoor gardens, succulents come in a nearly unlimited selection of colors, shapes, and sizes. Preferring drought-like conditions and bright sunlight, they offer big impact with very little care-- try a mixed planter like the one above for an extra burst of color.

Orchids: Though often considered high-maintenance, most orchids only require watering about once a week. Check the soil periodically and water when it begins to feel dry; to avoid root rot, make sure your orchid is planted in a container with adequate drainage and never let it remain in standing water.

Pothos: Also one of our low light favorites, pothos is truly a low-maintenance pick for indoor gardeners. This hardy plant only requires water when the soil dries out, but can also bounce back from drought. Adaptable to most light conditions, pothos is also a colorful addition to the home, coming in variations of green, cream, white, silver, and yellow.

Tillandsia: Commonly known as air plants, tillandsia offer minimal maintenance and countless, creative options for display. Native to the forests of Central and South America, they prefer a watering routine that mimics their habitat high in the trees. They simply require an occasional misting, plus a soak in water for a few hours every 1-2 weeks. Their spiky foliage complements blooms in a variety of bright colors.

Chinese Evergreen: These colorful foliage plants are perfect for novice gardeners thanks to a super-simple care routine. Once planted in well-drained soil, they can go a week or more without watering. Chinese evergreens are also great for adding color around the house; they thrive in low light and are available in a variety of shades and variegation patterns.

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