Living Gifts: Our Forced Bulb Wreath


During the winter months, we love the fresh, green appeal of forced bulbs.  For a holiday wreath that brings a breath of spring to even the snowiest day, our talented team at Styer’s created these simple steps for crafting a blooming adornment with amaryllis. Featured in our Living Gifts workshop series, bulb wreaths make a beautiful, low-maintenance gift for your favorite hostess or gardener. Long-lasting and hardy, amaryllis bulbs flourish on wreaths because they contain everything they need to produce beautiful blooms-- no soil or water required!

What You’ll Need:

- A sturdy wreath form
- Forced amaryllis bulbs
- Florist’s wire
- Moss
- Embellishments such as berries, poppy pods, or dried flowers

1. Choose a simple, sturdy wreath as your base. Our favorites for this project are grapevine or twig wreaths.
2. Use florist’s wire to attach the moss and bulbs to your wreath. As you place the bulbs, remember that they’ll sprout and bloom in the coming weeks.
3. Embellish with your favorite seasonal additions. We chose a scattering of red winterberries.
4. Allow 4-6 weeks for your amaryllis bulbs to bloom, and enjoy!

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