How-To: Lights & Leaves Garland


We can always count on Design by Terrain to transform the familiar into something breathtaking– like reimagining our classic Stargazer Globe Lights as glowing, botanical garlands to dress the Styer's nursery. Even better, this stunning blend of foliage, metal leaves, and vine is easy to make at home. Read on to learn how our design team got the look in just a few simple steps!

What You’ll Need:
Stargazer Globe Lights
Preserved foliage (we used preserved ferns)
Air plants
Metallic Leaves Garland
Malleable vine (we used grapevine
Twine or floral wire

1. Wind a length of vine around the light strand, using twine or floral wire to secure it to the cord.

2. Next, wrap the Metallic Leaves Garland around the globe lights and vine. Use wire or twine to fasten if needed.

3. Add sprigs of preserved foliage to the garland, using floral wire to fasten.

4. Finally, top off your strand with a few air plants, secured with floral wire. Plug in the globe lights and watch your garland glow!

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