Our Brightest Ideas


1l. Stargazer Cascade Falls; 1r. Twig Lights; 2l. 1,2,Glow Lights; 2r. Stargazer Cascade Falls; 3l. Stargazer Boxwood Lights; 3r. Stargazer Lights; 4. Stargazer Lights 5l. Glowing Globe Lights; 5r. Stargazer Lights 

With holidays on the horizon, we've been finding new ways to make our home and garden glow with light strands of all shapes and sizes. This year, some of our brightest ideas have arrived in the form of new Stargazer strands, from Cascade Falls wrapped around metallic and foraged branches, to Boxwood Lights illuminating our favorite garden structures. We're also pairing our classic Stargazers with metallic garlands, fresh wreaths, and brand-new topiaries. In our container gardens, we've tucked twig lights alongside winter berries and cold-season foliage. From tabletop to tree, take a peek above at all of our favorite lighting solutions for a glowing season. 

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