Our Layered Bulb Garden: Branching Out


We recently shared one of the most exciting spring projects in our nursery-- a layered container of bulbs that will offer vibrant blooms all season long. The first flowers are a few weeks away, but our container garden is still bursting with color thanks to an arrangement of branches and bright purple heather. After planting, we topped our layered bulbs with moss and cut heather, then added in a mixture of seeded eucalyptus, hazelnut stems, fan tail pussy willow, curly willow, and rosemary. Once the bulbs begin to sprout, we'll pull away the heather and let the branches remain as a supportive structure for our growing plants. In early spring, we're expecting a crop of hyacinth, crocus, and daffodils. We'll be sharing our planter's progress in the coming weeks-- stay tuned to see the first of our early spring blooms!

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