Our Layered Bulb Garden: Spring's First Blooms


Earlier this spring, we planted a layered container garden of bulbs that would bloom from March through May for continuous color on the doorstep or patio. Last week, the first of our spring blooms emerged-- a bright crop of daffodils and hyacinths! While we waited for the bulbs to sprout, our container was filled with cut heather and branches for late winter interest. Once the first flowers began to grow, we removed the heather and most of the branches, leaving behind the moss topper and a few curly willow stems to support the new growth. Our willow stems sprouted a few leaves of their own, making them the perfect accent for our cheery daffodils and tiny, 'Delft Blue' hyacinths. The foliage of our late-blooming bulbs is beginning to emerge-- we can't wait for more flowers in a few weeks!

As spring weather warms up, our container will bloom with a bright mix of tulips and alliums. Check back in the coming weeks to see even more spring flowers, or take a look back at the evolution of the garden in Planning & Planting and Branching Out.

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