Our Layered Bulb Garden: Planning & Planting


We've got a lot to look forward to in the garden this spring, but the sketch above showcases one of our most-anticipated projects. Recently, we planted a layered container of bulbs that will bloom from March through May. Our bulb container required some advance planning, but we think its vibrant flowers will be well-worth the effort. For early spring blooms, bulbs should be planted in autumn and overwintered in cool temperatures, from 35-45°F. Alternately, you can purchase bulbs that were chilled at a local nursery for several weeks to simulate winter weather, which allows them to be forced for blooms in early spring. (We used this method.) When you’re ready to plant, arrange the bulbs in layers based on their bloom times—late bloomers are planted the deepest, with early blossoms above.

As we wait for our bulbs to begin growing, we'll fill the container with a mix of branches, heather, and moss. The branches will serve a dual purpose as a decorative accent for late winter, and a supportive armature once the bulbs begin growing. When the bulbs sprout, we'll pull away the heather to make room for their stems.

What we planted (in bloom order):
'Delft Blue’ Hyacinth 
'Orange Monarch' Crocus
Minnow Daffodil
Pink Mix Daffodil
'Black Parrot' Tulip
'Princess Irene' Tulip
'Gladiator' Giant Allium

We'll be following the progress of our bulb planter in the coming weeks-- stay tuned to watch our flowers grow!

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