The Language of Flowers


This Valentine's Day, we're giving new meaning to the phrase "say it with flowers" courtesy of terrain floral designer Katie B. Katie created the gorgeously colorful bouquet above using inspiration from the language of flowers, a form of hidden communication that assigns meanings to different blooms, telling a story through a bouquet. Also known as floriography, this practice reached peak popularity during the Victorian Era. Today, we still love the idea of sending a secret message to your Valentine through meaningful blooms. 

Katie told us that her bouquet shares the story of a secret admirer finally revealing his feelings. She says, "In the language of flowers, acacia symbolizes a secret love, while snapdragon indicates concealment. The addition of thistle, a symbol of pride, reflects confidence in long-held emotions. Aster, symbolizing patience, pairs with carnation for remembrance to suggest that the admirer has waited for just the right moment. The final three flowers complete the story with compliments and wishes for the person receiving these blooms. Orchids at the center of the bouquet symbolize the refined beauty of its recipient, while peony and eucalyptus offer hope for a happy life and protection, respectively."

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