Landscape by Terrain: Planning for the Winter Garden


With cold weather ahead and holidays just around the corner, it can feel like a time to hibernate and put new garden projects aside until spring. However, the Landscape by Terrain team is still hard at work on seasonal maintenance, hardscape installation, and holiday decorating. As we plan ahead for winter in our own gardens, we chatted with Landscape Designer Nathan T. to learn the best projects to tackle as the air gets crisp. Nathan says, "Fall is a great season for small plantings and maintenance, but the harsh winter months can be more of a challenge. Here are some projects on our agenda for late fall and winter."

Cold Weather Clean-Up: In late autumn, rake fallen leaves, prep your beds for winter, and do some general landscape maintenance so that your yard will look tidy when it's not as easy to get outside. 

Hardscaping: Winter is the perfect time to complete a hardscape project that has been on your mind. Most boulder work, patio or walkway construction, and other hardscaping projects can be done well into winter. The soil is easily excavated and natural materials are already accustomed to being outside.

Holiday Cheer: Our Fine Gardening team doesn’t slow down when winter comes; they're busy decking halls and doorsteps with fresh cut greens, berries, pinecones, and birch for festive holiday displays. Filling empty planters with natural finds is a great way to spruce up the porch or patio during the colder months. After the New Year, plant up urns and entries with winter pansies and fresh green cuttings to brighten the months before spring.

Spring Planning: When you're stuck inside on a snowy day, it's the perfect opportunity to plan next year's garden projects! Winter is a great time to get in touch with landscape architects, so you have plenty of time to collaborate on just the right design. Plus, you'll be ready to start as soon as spring arrives.

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