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We're already looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend, and lots of terrain travelers are making the most of it with one last summer vacation. From mountain hikes to seaside relaxation, we're planning to enjoy warm days outside and evenings by the fire. Read on to explore six destinations for the perfect long weekend, chosen by our team.  

1. At Falling Water: "Earlier this summer, I took a trip to Western Pennsylvania to see two Frank Lloyd Wright houses: Falling Water and Kentucky Knob. I'd never seen a Frank Lloyd Wright design before, and was glad that we started with Kentucky Knob. It's the smaller of the two, and less crowded so you have a chance to really notice some of his signature touches. Most notably, the houses showcase his concept of compression and expansion. A very small, confined space opens suddenly into a large, airy room -- the effect is breathtaking. I'd love to go back as fall begins and see Falling Water among the foliage as the leaves change!" - Melissa M., Web Merchandiser

2. At the lake in Maine: "My husband's family has a lake house in Maine on Dodge Pond, about two hours outside of Portland. We go every summer and the weather is just perfect: high 70's during the day and cool enough for a bonfire at night! Maine is so beautiful, with picturesque vistas at every turn. I especially look forward to taking in the view from the big, red Adirondack chairs on the dock. We always plan on a few hikes, some wild blueberry picking, and of course a fresh-caught lobster or two! In the evening, we eat around the picnic table, then enjoy s'mores and late night chats looking up at the stars." - Diane S, Events Manager 

3. On the farm in Pennsylvania: "My parents' farm is one of my favorite places to be in summer, so I'm squeezing in one more weekend there before the season ends. It's so nice to head to the country, eat fresh veggies from the garden and eggs from the chicken coop, and take a long, sunny walk through the fields. I also love spending time with our comical barn cats and herd of Shetland ponies. Since the farm is just over the Mason Dixon Line from Maryland, we'll also host a final summer crab feast on the deck!" - Caroline L., Product & Community Writer

4: On the Block Island beach: "Just an hour's ferry ride from the Rhode Island mainland, Block Island is my favorite place to get away and disconnect. It's easy to explore the island (just three miles wide and seven miles long) on your bike, and 45% of the land is conserved, so there's tons of natural space to check out. The island is also home to two historic lighthouses, and a small town with lots of great restaurants. You can canoe, kayak or sail in the Great Salt Pond, or head to the beach for swimming and building stacked stone towers with the large rocks that make up the shore. My favorite beach is Mohegan Bluffs; to get there, you have to descend more than 100 steps, then do some light rock climbing!" - Alli M., Stylist 

5: In the mountains at Skytop: "Tucked into the Poconos, Skytop Lodge is such a special place for my family. We try to get up there to spend as much time together as we can during the summer! We love hiking, kayaking, and relaxing together at our cottage. The historic lodge recently built a butterfly house, and we're excited to explore it during the long weekend." - Kelly N., Graphic Designer

6: In the Catskills: "Around Labor Day every year, I start to feel something nearing panic about spending as much time outside as possible before cold weather sets in. This year, we’re putting a new tent to use and going looking for an adventure on the very edge of the Western Catskills. On our bucket list: swim in a lake, canoe on the Delaware River, and have lunch on the deck overlooking the water at one of our favorite restaurants." - Cat K., Communications Manager

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