Kombucha 101 with Inspired Brews


A traditional beverage with 2000-year-old roots in China, kombucha has become our favorite healthy sip for a winter refresh. Starting with a "symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast" (known as SCOBY), this fermented tea offers a bounty of benefits, from immune-supporting and energizing properties to probiotics and joint care. To try our hands at brewing kombucha this winter, we turned to the experts from Philadelphia's Inspired Brews. Founders Jennifer and Jessa started the company with the goal of working in the community to develop more thoughtful, engaged approaches to food. Handmade in small batches, their colorful and delicious kombuchas change with the seasons, incorporating natural flavors from fruits, herbs, and spices. We planning to take our kombucha on-the-go all winter long in our favorite Weck jars. One of our seasonal favorites is Inspired Brews' energizing pear almond blend-- read on for the recipe. 

Pear Almond Kombucha
Boil 1 liter of water. Add 2 green tea bags and steep for 20 minutes. Let cool. 

For the initial fermentation, you’ll need a sanitized, 1 liter brewing vessel. Be sure the vessel doesn't contain any metal, which shouldn't come into contact with kombucha. Place 1/4 cup of sugar, the cooled tea, 1/2 cup of plain kombucha starter, and a SCOBY* that is about 3 inches in diameter and 2 mm thick into the vessel. Secure a linen cloth over the top with a rubber band and allow it to ferment at room temperature for 7 days. 

After 7 days, add 1/2 cup pear puree and 1/2 teaspoon of organic almond extract into a 1 liter swing-top bottle that can be tightly sealed. Carefully pour your brewed kombucha into the bottle through a funnel. Be sure to leave the SCOBY and 10% of the fermented kombucha in the initial brewing vessel, so it can be used as the starter for your next batch.** Cap the bottle containing the pear almond mixture and let ferment at room temperature for one day. After that, place in the fridge and enjoy when cold!

*We recommend buying a SCOBY and kombucha starter kit for your first batch-- they're available online or in stores that sell homebrewing supplies.
**In the initial brewing vessel, add 1 liter of fresh brewed and cooled tea along with 1/2 cup of sugar to begin the ferment for the next week of brewing. 

Please note: Photos above include wooden tops for styling purposes only. For storage and transport, please use traditional glass or plastic Weck lids

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