An Indoor Oasis


Though winter is bringing gray skies and snowy days to our neighborhood this week, we're feeling bright thanks to an indoor oasis of vibrant, green plants in a sunny corner of the house. Perfect for adding freshness and color to the entryway, an enclosed sunroom, or the bath, a mixed collection of potted plants makes all the difference in our mood as we wait for spring. Read on to learn more about our favorite specimens creating for a calm and inspiring midwinter oasis.

Agave: Native to the deserts of Mexico and the southwestern US, this popular perennial can grow for decades before its single flowering. Its distinctive, rosette shape and spiky fronds make it an architectural addition to indoor gardens. Slow-growing and easy to care for, agave will flourish for years in a sunny spot.

Calamondin Orange: A hybrid species believed to descend from Mandarin oranges and kumquats, the Calamondin orange is primarily an ornamental fruit tree. Native to the Philippines and Malaysia, this dwarf citrus prefers temperatures from 55-70 degrees, making it ideal for indoor growth. Its petite fruit-- each orange is about 1" in diameter-- can be eaten, but its tart flavor and the difficulty of harvesting the oranges make it more popular as a decorative plant.

Olive Tree: A tolerance to dry air makes olive trees one of our top picks for indoor gardening during the winter months, when artificial heat can be tough on moisture-loving plants. This Mediterranean native prefers full sunlight and a planter filled with fast-draining soil. Slim, gray-green leaves lend visual appeal year-round, and you can look forward to clusters of small, white flowers in the summer months before fruit appears.

Thyme: A classic from the kitchen garden, we planted this evergreen herb at the base of a potted olive tree for added visual interest and a hint of clean fragrance. Even better for an indoor oasis, thyme is used in aromatherapy for benefits that include stimulating the mind, strengthening memory, and calming nerves.

String of Pearls: An eye-catching succulent that's easy to cultivate indoors, we love String of Pearls for the way it drapes over the sides of our favorite planters or hanging baskets. Its bead-like leaves will flourish in bright sunlight, and can be pruned as needed; choose stems that look dead or have lost many of their leaves when pruning. 

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