How-To: Tulip Kusamono Tray


One of our favorite planting methods to experiment with for spring is kusamono— a form of Japanese bonsai arrangement in which plants sprout from low-profile balls of moss. Created by Keiko Yamane, one of the first female Japanese bonsai growers, these self-contained, mossy plantings are meant to fit in the palm of one’s hand and serve as a reminder of nature’s seasonal changes. Our stylist arranged this tray of tulip kusamono as a tribute to early spring, and we can't wait to showcase it as a tabletop centerpiece. Read on to learn how you can make your own. 

What You’ll Need:
Blooming tulip bulbs
Floral wire
Shallow humidity tray
Rocks (for decorative accent)

1. Wrap the base of a tulip bulb in moss and use floral wire, if desired, to help keep the moss in place. The moss will act as a replacement for soil, retaining moisture to nourish the bulb. 

2. Repeat step one to create as many kusamono as you need. 

3. Use a shallow humidity tray to display your arrangements, accenting with scattered rocks. 

4. Water the bulbs regularly by removing them from the tray and soaking in water. Allow any excess water to drain before placing the bulbs back in the tray. 

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