How To: The Garden Party Garland


An enduring alternative to traditional floral centerpieces, our latest spring décor idea instantly transforms any space into a warmly lit, brightly blooming garden party in just a few simple steps. And while this lit garland is incredibly easy to put together, there are so many ways to make it your own. Read on for a few of our favorite ideas.

For the Garden Party Garland, our stylist Adelyn Duchala entwined three strands of the Stargazer LED Globe Lights with a mixture of our metal bunches and two pressed metal flower garlands that can center a table or hang from above.

To help fill in space and make the garland feel more special and seamless, Adelyn cut the flowers from the second garland, placing the individual blooms where she wanted more fullness. Don't be afraid to take apart, bend, and otherwise customize our metal garlands to make yours fully suited to your space and style.

We’re also big proponents of playing with a mix of materials, color stories, and botanicals to tailor the look depending on the party, space, or season.

Our metallic fern garland would immediately elevate baby shower décor while any of our verdigris leaves would add rustic charm to an intimate dinner party at home.

Likewise, mixing up the light strands you're using will create different moods, so feel free to experiment with replacing the bigger globe lights with a strand of our Stargazer copper twine lights for a completely different experience.

Looking for even more entertaining inspiration? Visit our Natural Centerpiece Shop for gorgeous teak planters, fresh branches, votive holders, and more.

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