How-To: Spring Floral Garland


With the weather finally feeling like spring in our garden, our stylists got into the spirit of the season with a blooming garland. Made from an abundant bunch of preserved eucalyptus and fresh-plucked flowers, this springtime swag brightens the mantel, patio, or anywhere else it hangs. Take a peek at the video above to see it in the making.

What You'll Need:
Preserved eucalyptus
Fresh cut or dried flowers (we used fresh ranunculus, anemone, and frittilaria)
Floral wire

Remove the smaller, leafy stems from the main branches of the eucalpytus. Begin by overlapping bunches of euclayptus, attaching the stems with floral wire as needed to form the garland. Use larger handfuls to create a fuller garland. Once your garland reaches the desired length, accent with fresh or dried flowers, attaching with floral wire. Since the eucalyptus is preserved, the garland will make a long-lasting display that can be freshened with new flowers as the seasons change. Our favorite place to display this springtime DIY? Dressing up a garden tuteur with a few snips of colorful ribbon.

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