How-To: Sphere Easter Basket


Our favorite part of the centerpiece above? Those gorgeous spring pastels are all-natural succulents! With inspration and finds from the garden, we created an Easter centerpiece that blooms with a colorful mix of live succulents, ceramic eggs, and paper grass. Equal parts rustic and sweet, this arrangement is just the thing for completing a spring tabletop.

What You'll Need:
Sphere Hanging Basket (we used the Small, 11")
Linen Wrapped Dish (we used the Small, 10")
Succulents (we used echeveria and kalanchoe)
Potting Soil
Ceramic Eggs
Easter grass
Grapevine wreath
Floral wire

1. Start by "deconstructing" the grapevine wreath, thinning it to make a nest-style base that rests on the top of the clay dish. Save excess pieces of grapevine to decorate the top of the sphere.

2. Place the grapevine nest and sphere on top of the dish. Once they're in place, fill the dish with potting soil, covering the bottom of the sphere to help anchor it in the dish.

3. Choose and plant your succulents inside the dish.

4. Decorate the spokes of the sphere with vine cuttings and additional succulents, attaching with floral wire as needed.

5. Accent your design with eggs and a wispy circle of paper grass around the base, then place on the table for an eye-catching Easter centerpiece!

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