How-To: Sedum Mat Liners


One of the best multi-taskers in our nursery, we're excited to welcome sedum mats to our online greenhouse for the first time. A creative solution to many gardening challenges, each mat is made from a densely-planted variety of sedum with diverse colors and forms. The mats are easy to custom-shape and simple to maintain, making them ideal for unusual spaces like vertical wall plantings, green roofs, and rock gardens. The sedum plants are rooted in lightweight coconut fiber that's great for water retention and airflow, which also makes the mats ideal liners for open planters, like the hayrack shown above.

Plant buyer Karen C. says, "The sedum mats are super-versatile because they're pre-planted and grown in a soil/netting medium– they can be grown right side up, sideways, and even upside down! Also, the mix of plants allows them to handle a variety of light levels, although full sun is best. Sedum can handle low moisture but should never be allowed to completely dry out. To use your sedum mat as a living liner for a rack or basket, just cut the mat to the right size with garden shears, then place it sedum-side down in the container. Add layer of soil on top, and you're ready for planting. The sedum then retains water while also allowing ample drainage and aeration."

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