How-To: Rooting Succulents in Habit + Form


Whether used to create a planted chandelier or a clever cake stand, we love the versatility our Habit + Form trays provide. We recently used one of our square trays to root succulents in a way that promotes speedy propagation, and looks pretty in the process! Read on to learn how to root your own succulents in just a few easy steps!

1. Fill the inside of the tray with Growstone Drainage Medium.

2. Pour water on top of the stones, filling the tray with just enough water to cover the bottom, forcing the succulents' roots to stretch towards it.

3. Plant cut succulents and/or succulent leaves upright among the stones. Be sure to place them deep enough so that they stay in place, but not so deep that they touch the water.

4. Place the tray in direct sunlight and watch for new growth to appear (about four to six weeks after planting), adding water as needed. Once the plants have established new roots, they can be transplanted outdoors or into pots and enjoyed!

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