How-To: Pressed Flower Easter Eggs


As Easter approaches, we've been busy decorating eggs of all kinds to fill our baskets and hide for hunts. To pair with the springtime hues of our naturally-dyed eggs, we put a pastel twist on our Wooden Egg Decorating Kit. Topped with candy-colored paint and a bouquet of dried flowers, these cheerful Easter eggs are sure to be the stars of the basket.

What You'll Need:
Wooden Egg Decorating Kit
Dried Decorative Flowers
Acrylic paint

Select your flowers first, and press them under a heavy book or object to make sure they're as flat as possible before applying them to the egg. We used a mixture of the flowers included in the kit and blooms from our Dried Decorative Flowers-- edible violas would also work well. Choose a complimentary paint color and paint your egg. Let the painted eggs dry then carefully adhere the pressed flowers to the dry surface with the glue and foam brush included in the kit. If needed, apply a thin coat of glue on top of the flowers to make sure they're fully adhered. Repeat as desired for a blooming dozen (or two!).

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