How To: Hanging Tray Planter


We love when one good basic can serve multiple uses. Our collection of terrain-exclusive Habit & Form trays go far beyond practical resting places for potted plants, transforming into serving trays, boot holders, and even a tiered dessert display. Recently, stylist Alli M. got creative and turned a circular, copper tray into the living chandelier shown above! Read on for easy instructions on how to bring the look home. 

What You’ll Need:
Circle tray
Black rebar wire (7 feet)
Trailing flowers (Alli chose Superbells)
Fern (Alli used an Austral Gem fern)
Clump moss
Taper candles 

1. Cut 7' of rebar wire. Beginning with one end, wrap the wire around the circumference of the tray, just beneath the lip. Create a loop with the free end and secure it firmly. Leave extra length, as this will be used to create the handle. 

2. Bend the remaining wire upwards and twist to create a loop at the top of the handle for hanging. Bend the rest of the wire back down and affix it to the wire surrounding the lip of the tray by securely wrapping the loose end around the wire on the tray.

3. Fill a shallow pot with soil and place the trailing flowers and fern inside. 

4. Position the potted plants on the tray and fill in with clump moss as needed to conceal the pot. 

5. Nestle taper candles into the soil for a final flourish. (Be sure to monitor them once lit.)

6. Hang and enjoy! 

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