How-To: Paper Lantern Strand


From party favors and seed starting gardens to centerpieces and placecard holders, hand-pressed paper pots are our most versatile addition to spring decor. Our latest pot press DIY pairs these tiny vessels with a splash of natural dye and a string of lights for a set of colorful paper lanterns. We'll be stringing these cheerful lanterns over long tables or above the garden gate to welcome guests at spring parties.

Paper Lantern Strand
What You'll Need
Paper (We used 11x17" 28lb. paper, and dyed it-- see below for dyeing instructions. You could also use plain paper or patterned wrapping paper.)
Paper Pot Press
White string lights

Choose your paper, and cut a strip that¿s about 3.5?W x 10?L. Roll the paper around the press, and fold down the ends. Make sure there's only minimal overlap, so a space remains to insert the string lightbulb. Press into the wooden form to secure the shape, then remove. 

Make a paper lantern for each lightbulb on your strand, then insert each bulb through the small gap in the bottom of the lantern. Use a small piece of tape to secure the lantern if necessary. 

Beet Dyed Paper
What You'll Need
Medium weight white paper (we used 11x17" 28lb. paper)
Sauce pan 

Cut the beets in half and boil until the water changes color. Remove from water and gently blot to remove excess liquid. Choose a medium-weight paper that can withstand contact with water. Rub the sliced end of the beet across the paper until the desired color is achieved. Let dry, then follow the instructions above to create your lantern strand.

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