How-To: Nested Bulb Trough


Awaiting the arrival of spring's first robins, we created a nest-inspired centerpiece to top the table at our next gathering. Tiny "Tete-a-Tete" narcissus cozies up inside nests of dried grass and moss to create this long, trough planting. As Easter approaches, accent your planter with hollow quail eggs or our favorite iron bunny for a playful update. 

What You'll Need

Narcissus bulbs (or other bulbs of your choice)
Dried grass
Floral wire
Baby's tears
Metal trough
Potting soil

1. Wrap the base of each bulb in moss, which will help retain moisture when watering.

2. Wrap the moss ball with dried grass to form the nest, then secure with floral wire.

3. Plant baby's tears in the trough with a thin layer of potting soil, then arrange the wrapped bulbs as desired.

4. Water regularly; to water bulbs, remove from the trough and soak in water. Allow them to drain in the sink before replacing in the planter.

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