How-To: Mounted Staghorn Ferns


During a recent lunch, the leader of our plant team led a group workshop in mounting staghorn ferns. Of course, we had to share, with a little how-to for at-home inspiration.

What you'll need:

Dried wood round, 1" thick and at least 10" diameter
Small paper plate for tracing
Flat head nails, at least 5/8”
1 cup indoor potting soil
4" potted staghorn fern
Sheet moss
1 picture hanger

1. Use paper plate to trace a circle on the wood in pencil.

2. Hammer your nails into the wood along the circle, leaving ¼” between nail and surface. Use at least five nails around your circle's edge, but up to your heart's content.

3. Apply potting soil in center of circle and spread to circle's edge.

4. Remove fern from pot, breaking up its root system and flattening it to place on top of soil.

5. Cover the soil with sheet moss, keeping moss just inside your circle.

6. Tie one end of string to one nail, cross the string over your moss bed to loop around an opposing nail. Repeat until all nails have been looped, making sure to pass the string close to the base of the fern to secure it.

7. Attach a picture hanger to the back of the wood round, and your masterpiece is complete! Hang it on a waterproof surface indoors or out in bright, indirect light. Your fern should come indoors before cool fall weather arrives.

Your fern will want water every other day to once a week, depending on conditions and temperature. To water, set the mount at a sink or tub to thoroughly saturate the soil under running water. Let drain and dry fully before re-hanging.

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