How-To: Mother's Day Posies


Inspired by our big, fresh-from-the-farm bouquets of peonies, we recently pulled a few stems from the bunch to create a thoughtful, DIY gift for Mother's Day. Simple and sweet, our spring posies are a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate Mom, Grandmom, and all the ladies in our lives. Finished with twine ties and sprigs of feathery dianthus, fresh-cut posies make easy gifts or colorful additions to packages and the brunch tabletop.

To create our posies, we chose a variety of blossoms-- some fully open, and some nearly ready to bloom. After snipping the stems to around 7 inches, we filled out each arrangement with fresh dianthus. A quick, knotted wrap of twine around the stems completes the bouquet. Any favorite bloom, from meadow wildflowers to the bright ranunculus we chose above, also makes for a perfect posy.

Foreground: peonies, dianthus; Background: ranunculus, dianthus

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