How to Make a Miniature Bulb Wreath


This Christmas, our easiest holiday how-to begins with 100 tiny globe ornaments. Our miniature bulb set, a length of wire, and a loop of colorful ribbon are all that's needed to make a cheerful wreath for the mantel or doorstep. Simply string the bulbs on a sturdy wire, form a dense circle once all the bulbs are in place (a smaller circle will keep its shape best), and hang with a velvet ribbon. Watch the full how-to, above. 

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  • Olive said...

    This video is too short and there are no written instructions, is it possible to have more details? I just bought 2 boxes of the mini baubles and I am stumped. HELP!

  • kat91 said...

    Hello! This is adorable! Can you list what supplies you used to make the wreath, like the type of wire, ribbon, etc? Thanks! Kat

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