How-To: Herb Ring Drink Toppers


Using herb sprigs snipped from our winter windowsill garden, we got crafty with these refreshingly simple garnishes for your cocktail of choice. Almost any herb can be used to construct these garden-grown circlets; our favorite pairings include a ring of dill atop a brunch Bloody Mary, or mint to finish a mojito. We especially like this look when serving drinks in a repurposed Weck jar.

What You'll Need:

Fresh herbs (we used marjoram, thyme, and dill)
Thin copper wire
Weck jars or glasses

Measure around the mouth of your glass or jar at the point where the ring will rest. Create a strand of herb sprigs equal in length to your measurement, overlapping as desired to create a fuller or more sparse ring. Secure the stems together by wrapping with short lenghts of copper wire, then connect the ends of the herb strand with wire to form a ring. Place the ring atop the glass, fill with your favorite drink, and start sipping!

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