How-To: Hanging a Gallery Wall


As we move indoors for the cool months, we've been brainstorming ideas for a décor refresh around the house. For a space with wide-open walls, we love hanging a gallery-style collection that mixes mirrors, framed items, and a touch of green. Our stylists recently created the gorgeous gallery wall above with some of our newest arrivals. Read on for six simple tips to guide you as your own gallery takes shape.

1. Trios & Triangles: Odd numbers are more appealing to the eye, so trios are a great place to begin when creating a gallery wall. This technique works especially well for collections of diverse objects like a large mirror, framed botanicals, and a mounted staghorn fern.

2. Open Spaces: Balance clusters of objects with open areas that give the eye a chance to rest.

3. Bridge the Gap: Don't be afraid to continue your gallery wall across windows. Here, we mounted a fern for a touch of green in a sunny window.

4. Complementary Shapes: When grouping items, tie together diverse materials and sizes with similar shapes. Here, a trio of mirrors is united by round silhouettes.

5. Two of a Kind: When hanging a pair of objects that are different sizes, make sure the two are centered. 

6. Reach New Heights: Make tabletop displays a part of the gallery above by adding tall objects that reach upward into the wall, like a vase filled with dramatic allium stems.

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