How-To: Fresh Cut Votive Crowns


When it comes to setting the holiday table, even the smallest details can make a big difference. With that in mind, we created a quick DIY for dressing up our votives-- tiny "crowns" made from fresh herbs and stems. Crafted from just florist's wire and a few sprigs of your favorite botanicals, these fragrant finishing touches are as simple as they are festive.

What You'll Need:

Thin florist's wire
Fresh cut stems-- we like rosemary, marjoram, winterberry or other woody varieties that don't wilt easily (Note: Choose the freshest cuts possible, as they are safer to place near a votive flame than dried stems.)

1. Measure the amount of wire you'll need for the crown by wrapping once around the top of your chosen votive. Add an extra 2", then cut your length of wire.

2. Straighten the wire and fasten the base of your first stem by tightly wrapping a loop of wire around it.

3. Overlap the top of the first stem with the base of a second stem and wrap both with wire to fasten. Repeat with as many stems as necessary to completely cover the wire.

4. Once the entire length of wire is covered, form a circle by attaching the two ends of the wire, snipping off any excess. Place atop a votive and deck out your table!

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