Watch: Building a Forever Terrarium


We're planning a winter refresh around the house, and our newest terrariums are providing lots of inspiration. We filled some of these simple, metal-framed vessels with our favorite faux foliage and garlands to create "forever terrariums" -- long-lasting and maintenance-free displays that can be updated as the seasons change. Watch our how-to, above, to get the look in four simple steps, and read on for tips from our stylists.

Start by cutting a piece of foam that can sit inside the base of your terrarium. This will add height to the display, and allow you to use less stone to keep hanging terrariums light. Cover the foam in a layer of decorative stone or glass, then choose a mixture of natural and faux specimens to fill your terrarium. Begin with a base layer of moss, which can be used to anchor the faux foliage; we chose a mix of faux succulents and aged metal blooms for contrasting textures. Use lichen-covered twigs to add height to the display and to anchor a vibrant garland of pressed metal blooms that can extend beyond the frame of the terrarium.

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