How-To: Easter Egg Vaselets


Naturally dyed, adorned with tiny flowers, or carved from polished wood, we can't seem to add enough eggs to our Easter décor. Our latest project? Dainty bud vases made from blown-out egg shells. These delicate vessels make beautiful centerpieces, spring placeholders, or hostess gifts, and can be crafted in just three steps with our easy how-to.

Poke a Hole in the Egg: Take out the egg and allow to sit out for a few hours until it's at room temperature. Place a small piece of masking tape on each end of the egg to help prevent breakage when poking the holes. Using a safety pin, poke a hole through the tape on each end of the egg, making sure one hole is slightly larger to make removing the contents easier. We recommend using a longer pin to insert and break up the yoke.

Blow Out the Egg: Using your mouth or thin straw, blow into the smaller hole so that the contents push out of the larger hole and into a clean bowl.

Add the Flowers: Remove the tape and rinse the egg. Carefully enlarge one of the holes to create an opening large enough for your flowers. Retape the hole on the bottom of the egg if you wish to add water to your flowers. 

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