How-To: Drifter's Garland


What you'll need:

- Barnacles
- Driftwood
- Sea glass
- Jute twine
- 2 wooden beads or buttons
- Upholstery needle

1. Collect your materials. For our garland, we gathered driftwood on recent travels up and down the east coast, from Maine's rocky shores, to sandy Delaware beaches and Brandywine Valley riverbeds. The sea glass we found while walking Cranberry Island off the coast of Maine.

2. Determine how long your garland will be, and lay materials out along jute to determine your design.

3. Tie wooden button to end of jute twine and thread your needle. Begin stringing your garland. You'll find that some driftwood, sea glass, and shells may have natural holes for stringing. Others will not, and you can experiment with tying or gluing those elements onto your garland, or making a small hole with a fine drill-bit.

4. When your garland has reached its desired length, tie the end with your second wooden button. Drape over a sunny doorway or window to catch the light. 

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