How-To: Spring Cotton Wreath


Soft and airy, our dried cotton stems seem like just what our decor needs as we enter a fresher, cleaner season. We paired a handful of cotton stems with budding red twig and pussy willow branches for a wreath to welcome spring visitors. Topped with a scattering of fresh-cut ranunculus blooms, this natural circlet brings a welcome burst of color to the doorstep. Did we mention that it's easy to make, too?

What You'll Need

3 cotton stems
1 bunch of red twig branches
1 bunch of yellow pussy willow branches
Fresh flowers (we chose ranunculus)
Floral wire
Garden snips

1. Twist the ends of the cotton stems together (as shown in slide 3, above).

2. Trim the willow and red twig branches to your desired length, then wire the branches and cotton together using floral wire. 

3. Shape your wired branches into a circular wreath, connecting the ends with floral wire. Leave the tips of some branches loose as desired for a more streamlined or wild shape.

4. Choose your fresh flowers and attach to the wreath with wire. 

Our wreath is the perfect size for a door, but this DIY can also be used to make small circlets or show-stopping larger pieces. It can also be made with any flexible branches for a customized way to welcome spring.

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