How-To: Spring Bulbs in Weck


One of our favorite signs of spring's arrival, we love the burst of color that bulbs like hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips bring to the garden. So much, in fact, that we wanted to invite their fresh greens and vibrant pastels indoors, too. Eschewing a traditional planter, we thought up this simple how-to for a windowsill bulb garden using another of our favorite things—shapely Weck juice jars.

What You’ll Need:

Blooming bulbs (approx. 2.25” diameter)
Weck juice jars

1. Remove a bulb from its pot and carefully brush all soil from the roots, rinsing in water to remove as much soil as possible.

2. Place the bulb into the Weck jar—it should rest at the point where the neck of the jar is narrowest. Note how far down the roots reach into the jar.

3. Remove the bulb and fill the jar with water until the roots will be covered, then replace the bulb.

4. Place in a sunny spot and refresh the water as necessary. Our suggestion—line a kitchen window with a row of blooms for an instant indoor garden. 

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