How-To: Birch Bark Heart Planter


A perennial decorating favorite, we especially love the crisp, white look of birch bark as we give our homes a midwinter refresh. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, we found a new use for our birch bark strips, creating a heart-shaped topper for a freshly planted crate of moss and succulents.We can't wait to decorate the tabletop with this tiny garden, or surprise a friend with a sweet, living gift.

What You'll Need:

Two birch bark strips
Bind wire
Reindeer moss
Embellishments (we chose some small pinecones)
Wooden box or crate
Knife or hole punch
Burlap (optional)
Hot water (optional)

1. Based on the dimensions of the box you've chosen, cut your birch bark strips to size. (Optional: For an extra touch of texture, try backing your birch strips with burlap as we did, above.)

2. Punch or cut two holes at the top and bottom of each strip, lining up the strips to make sure the holes are aligned.

3. Loop wire through the bottom holes of each strip, connecting the two strips together with the bark facing outward.

4. Bend the tops of both strips inward, arching to form a heart shape, then connect the tops holes together with wire. (If your bark is dry or stiff, making it difficult to shape, try soaking it briefly in hot water to make it more pliable.)

5. Fill your crate with a layer of reindeer moss, then place the birch heart on top. Tuck extra moss around the heart as needed to help it maintain its shape.

6. Accent your planter with clusters of succulents and other natural embellishments. Mist as needed to maintain a fresh appearance throughout the winter.

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