How-To: Ash Wood Cupcake Stand


As we prepare for an autumn of gatherings filled with home-baked desserts, we decided to bring a glimpse of the woods to our table with this carved cupcake stand, made using a trio of our Ash Wood Boards in graduated sizes. Also a favorite addition to the table as cheese platters and chargers, these hand-crafted rounds make just the place for spiced cupcakes or freshly made pumpkin bread. Swap out the pairings of pedestals and embellishments to create distinctive centerpieces all season long.

What You'll Need:

3 Ash Wood Boards
2 pedestals 
Fall foliage or dried flowers 

To provide contrast for the natural wood, we selected a pair of polished glass vases as our pedestals, but you could choose small terracotta pots, wooden dowels, pillar candleholders, or glass jars. Simply stack your boards atop the pedestals of your choice, then deck out your stand with flowers or autumn foliage and fill with sweet treats.

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