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Here at terrain, we love plants - which should come as no surprise! So we’re always thrilled to meet like-minded green thumbs who share our love for all things botanical and plant stylist Hilton Carter just may surpass us in his passion for plants. The Baltimore-based creative has been collecting plants since 2011 and the lush, expertly styled loft Hilton shares with his wife Fiona and 180 green beauties is a testament to his unbridled enthusiasm for plant care (one glance at his Instagram feed will confirm). Last month, we were lucky enough to host Hilton at terrain in Glen Mills, where he led a workshop on plant propagation and styling - we caught up with Hilton after the event to hear about his personal relationship with the terrain brand, how he manages to water all those plants, and to talk about Frank the fiddle leaf fig.

terrain: We loved hearing about your personal relationship with the terrain brand and how it extends to the very beginning of your plant parenting journey. Can you share that story with us here?

Hilton: Sometime around 2011 or 2012, I was shooting commercials for a retirement community called Erickson, and they so happen to have a location directly next to the terrain in Glen Mills. During our first visit to the community, we had lunch at the garden cafe and I was instantly in love. I recall these really large staghorn ferns hanging over tables in the center of the cafe and just being so taken by all of it. Then strolling through the shop , which is so well curated and styled, it all left a huge impression on me. All these years later I live in an apartment in Baltimore with over 180 plants. Clearly I was affected by my first terrain visits. I try to get back at least once a year!

terrain: Your home is gorgeous and seriously inspiring - we’ve happily gotten lost in your Instagram feed more than once. How do your plants like living in the space?

Hilton: My wife, Fiona, and I live in an old mill building that has been converted into loft apartments. I've been in the building for 3 years now but have only lived in this particular apartment with my wife for almost 2. The reason why we moved into the apartment that we're in now is because it has four 8 x 4 foot northwest facing windows and 15-20 foot ceilings, which helps when you have a lot of greenery. My only wish would have been for it to have had skylights or better yet, an actually greenhouse attached, ha!

terrain: What’s your strategy for bringing more plants into your home?

Hilton: I'm at my limit now, but before, I would think of the spot in my home that I wanted a plant to be in before I would purchase it. It's important to know the type of light a spot gets before you can just put any plant in there.

terrain: Can you talk about your watering/care routine for all your plants? How do you keep track of it all?

Hilton: I try to water the plants during the weekends, given that this is when I have the most free time. Most need to be watered at least once a week but I double check this by sticking my finger into the soil and checking whether its dry or not. I keep track of watering by making a reminder in my phone. This is the best way to keep on top of it.

terrain: This is probably an impossible question, but: do you have a favorite plant?

Hilton: I definitely do. Don't we all have a favorite kid? My favorite happens to be Frank, one of my fiddle leaf figs. He and I have gone through the most together and he's been right there with me from the beginning. I decided to get Frank because I loved its foliage and wanted something with more of a tree-like shape so that the cat I was living with at the time couldn't get to it.

terrain: Why do you love having plants in your home?

Hilton: I love having greenery in my home because they can make a space feel more warm and inviting. Their health benefits are great and all but there's something so euphoric about being surrounded by them while you're just sitting on your couch or having dinner. It takes me back to being in terrain's garden cafe.

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