How To: Herb Fire Starters

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With the summer bonfire season well underway, we're enhancing our twilight gatherings with fragrant fire starters made from our favorite dried herbs. These simple and pretty starters make it easy to get a fire going, and add a hint of herbal sweetness to the smoke. Select a bundle of strongly-scented herbs, then wrap it in natural twine that will burn cleanly-- the dried petals and stems will help kindling catch quickly. We used rosemary, sage, lavender, and mint to create our fire starters, then added sprigs of dried hydrangea for color. However, you can use any herbs that strike your fancy-- we're planning to try lemon thyme at our next evening around the fire pit! 

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1 Comment

  • thefolia said...

    These look too beautiful to burn! But then again the thought of a rosemary scented fire in my nest is very inviting. Happy Nesting.

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