Handmade Holiday Ribbon


This year, we're adding a handmade touch under the tree thanks to Maddie Flanigan, the blogger, photographer, and seamstress behind Madalynne. Maddie kindly took a break from her own holiday projects-- pattern making, sewing, and workshops, to name a few-- and shared a simple wrapping DIY with us. With just a few stitches, she transformed our Linen Ribbon into the season's prettiest topper for gifts of all shapes and sizes.

Maddie says, "To make sure your stitches show up, choose a sturdier thread-- like an upholstery thread or buttonhole twist-- for this project. If you have a sewing machine, the easiest way to create your ribbon is to sew straight down the center with your stitch of choice. To sew by hand, I suggest marking your ribbon with dots about 1/4" apart using a quilting ruler and disappearing marker, which can be found at any craft store. Then, choose a larger-size needle to match the heavier thread, and follow your markings with a zig-zag stitch." We paired the embellished ribbon with our favorite kraft paper and a few botanical accents for a sweet and simple package sure to make Christmas even merrier.

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