Artist at Work: Daniella Lekach Brewster


We’re nothing short of smitten with Seattle-based textile artist Daniella Lekach Brewster's collection of handmade tablecloths and runners. Available in three bright colors, each piece is constructed from pure linen and dyed by the artist herself. “With artistic grandparents on both sides of my family, it was easy to become passionate about artistic expression from a young age,” says Daniella. “I started my professional career in Graphic Design, but my love for functional art combined with my curiosity about the tactile nature of things made it feel like something was missing when faced with a computer screen, day-in and day-out. I really wanted to work with my hands and be active in the creation process.”

After falling in love with linen as her go-to material, thanks to the way it takes dye to create immediate impact, Daniella sought color inspiration. “For me, colors are a way in which we can tell stories. This particular collection was inspired by the vibrancy of my grandmother’s garden in Sag Harbor. She has such a glorious sense of color, and the colors in her garden there were no exception. I particularly loved the hydrangeas in spring– soft hues of blue and pink against bright greens– they were always the best way to be welcomed to her home. That magical house with its vibrant foliage has long been sold, so when I considered this collection, I wanted to get back to that time and place, and share it with others.”

When asked what she loves most about her work, Daniella said her linens “easily add color to both your most intimate and lavish gatherings– they're a way to welcome yourself home with warmth and elegance.” We couldn’t agree more!

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